Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Rent our studio during business hours
1hr – $45
2hr – $65
3hr – $95
4hrs – $125

Rent our studio week nights or weekends
with these special rates
1hr – $75
2hr – $105
3hr – $130
4hrs – $155

EXPIRES November 27, 2019

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10515159_831465003531823_2257802226118342260_o The Unattended Session. $45 per hour. This is designed for experienced photographers who are familiar with studio photography and simply want access to all the studio spaces and use of all the lighting equipment.

The Assisted Session. $70 per hour. This is designed for those who maybe haven’t been in a studio before and need assistance with lighting equipment for their session, or just an extra set of capable hands to keep your session running smoothly. You will have a dedicated professional photographer assisting your entire session who will able to answer any questions you have or offer suggestions to help you capture the look you want to achieve.



All Studio Rentals include:

  • Studio space –we have 3 spaces to choose from with varying characteristics including 100+year-old brick, textured stucco and an impartial white cyclorama (curved infinity wall).
  • Movable overhead light box  8′ x 8′  – LED lighting.
  • Four (4) professional studio flash units, including light modifiers (reflectors,  2 soft boxes, 2 umbrellas, honeycomb grids).  Includes radio triggers.
  • Additional support stands.
  • Foam core reflector cards and scrims.
  • Four painted canvas backgrounds (10′ x 20′) on motorized lift system.


  • Assistance of professional photographer $45/Hr, $25 each additional hour
  • After business hours rental $45/Hr,  $15 each additional hour

Payment: We recommend pre-payment in order to reserve and block out time for your session in the studio. Otherwise, the studio will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Complementary Painted Canvas Backgrounds:

(These sheets 10′ by 20′)

Available Seamless Paper Colors ($20 each):